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Kalki Krishnamurthy Novels PDF Download – check out the list of novels written by Kalki Krishnamurthy. Kalki Krishnamurthy Novels read online or free download in PDF format.

1Alai Osai Part 1Download
2Alai Osai Part 2Download
3Alai Osai Part 3Download
4Alai Osai Part 4Download
5Parthiban Kanavu Parts 1 and 2Download
6Parthiban Kanavu Part 3Download
7Ponniyin Selvan Part 1Download
8Ponniyin Selvan Part 2Download
9Ponniyin Selvan Part 3Download
10Ponniyin Selvan Part 4Download
11Ponniyin Selvan Part 5Download
12Sivakamiyin Sabadham Part 1Download
13Sivakamiyin Sabadham Part 2Download
14Sivakamiyin Sabadham Part 3Download
15Sivakamiyin Sabadham Part 4Download
16Kalvanin KaathaliDownload
18Mohini TheevuDownload
19Poimaan KaraduDownload
20Solaimalai IlavarasiDownload
21Thiyaga BoomiDownload
22Aitikku PottiDownload
24Amara VaazhvuDownload
25Civakamyin SabathamDownload
26Idindha KottaiDownload
27Kalkiyin Sirantha KatturaigalDownload
28Kalvanin KathaliDownload
29Madaththevan SunaiDownload
31Mohini TheevuDownload
32Ottrai RojaDownload
33Parthiban KanavuDownload
34Poi Maan KaraduDownload
35Ponniyin SelvanDownload
36Small StoriesDownload
37Solaimalai ElavarasiDownload
38Subhaththiraiyin SaghodharanDownload
40Vasthathu VenuDownload
41Vidusagan Chinna MuthaliDownload
42Amara VaazhvuDownload
43Arasur PanchaayatDownload
44Arunachalathin AluvalDownload
45Bala JosiyarDownload
46Banker VinayagaraoDownload
47Bavani BABLDownload
49Chinnathambiyum ThirudargalumDownload
50Cinema KadhaiDownload
51Deiva YaanaiDownload
52Devagiyin KanavanDownload
53Dhandanai YaarukkuDownload
54Ejamaana VisuvaasamDownload
55En DheivamDownload
56Engal Oor Sangeetha PoattiDownload
57Gandhimathiyin KadhalanDownload
58Governor VandiDownload
59Governor VijayamDownload
60Govindanum VeerappanumDownload
61Idhu Enna SorgamDownload
62Idindha KottaiDownload
63Imayamalai Engal MalaiDownload
64Jameendar MaganDownload
65Kaarirulil Oru MinnalDownload
66Kaatharaa KalvanDownload
67Kadithamum KaneerumDownload
68Kailasamaiyer KaabaraDownload
69Kaithiyin PraarthanaiDownload
70Kamalavin KalyanamDownload
71Kanaialiyin KanavuDownload
72Kethaariyin ThaayaarDownload
73Lanjam VaangadavanDownload
74Maadathevan SunaiDownload
75Malathiyin ThanthaiDownload
76Master MethuvadaiDownload
77Mayilai kalaiDownload
78Myilvizhi MaanDownload
80Neenda MugavuraiDownload
81Number 888Download
82Onbathu Kuzhi NilamDownload
83Ottrai RojaDownload
84Paazhadaindha BungalawDownload
85Parisal ThuraiDownload
86Pithalai OttiyaanamDownload
87Police VirundhuDownload
89Prabala NatchathiramDownload
90Pudhu OversearDownload
91Puli RajaDownload
92Punnai Vanathu PuliDownload
93Pushpa PallakkuDownload
94Rangadurgam RajaDownload
95Rangoon MaapillaiDownload
97Saarathaiyin ThandhiramDownload
98Siranjeevi KadhaiDownload
99Srikanthan PunarjenmamDownload
100Subathiraiyin SagotharanDownload
101Sunduvin SanyaasamDownload
102Suseela M.A.Download
104Thandhaiyum MaganumDownload
105Thappili CupDownload
107Theepiditha KudisaigalDownload
108Thirudan Magan ThirudanDownload
109Thiruvalunthoor SivakolunduDownload
110Thooku ThandanaiDownload
111Vaira MothiramDownload
112Vasthaadhu VenuDownload
113Veedu Thedum PadalamDownload
114Veenai BhavaniDownload
115Vidhushagan ChinnumudaliDownload
116Visha ManthiramDownload
117Chiranjeevi KadhaiDownload
118Kalki PuranamDownload

Ramaswamy Krishnamurthy, well known by his pen name Kalki was popular Tamil novel writer. He wrote his novels based on the Tamil history and lifestyle. He was named after “Kalki”, the tenth and last avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu. Kalki Krishnamurthy has written more than 10 novels, 3 historic novels, 120 short stories, cinema and music reviews and political writings.

Ramaswamy Krishnamurthy popular Tamil novels include

  • Parthiban Kanavu (16 October 1941 – 10 February 1943) – Pallava Dynasty
  • Sivagamiyin Sapatham (1 January 1944 – 30 June 1946) – Pallava Dynasty
  • Ponniyin Selvan (29 October 1950 – 16 May 1954) – Chola Dynasty
  • Solaimalai Ilavarasi (1947) – The Independence of India

Some of the popular social novels include

  • Kalvanin Kadhali (1937)
  • Thiyaga Bhoomi (1938–1939)
  • Magudapathi (1942)
  • Abalayin kaneer (1947)
  • Alai Osai (1948)
  • Devagiyin Kanavan (1950)
  • Mohini Theevu (1950)
  • Poiman Karadu (1951)
  • Punnaivanathu Puli (1952)
  • Amara Thara (1954)

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