Tamil Novel Writers

Tamil Novel Writers, here we have listed all popular Tamil novel writers in the Tamil language. If you love to read Tamil novels, we recommend you the writers list. They are most renowned writers in Tamil language.  Here, you can read detailed information about the author.

Tamil Novel Writers

Top 10 Tamil Novels Writers

Are you ready for reading the excellent novels which are written by famous writers in Tamil Literature? Now, it’s time to know the top 10 Famous writers who have written many family subjects, love-based novels, romantics, crime, and many interesting subjects. If you are Tamil novels readers you must check out the list of writers in Tamil literature. Here are the list and the short description of the author.

Kalki KrishnamurthyKalki

Krishnamurthy is one of the celebrated novel writers in Tamil literature. He writes huge short stories, social novels, historical novels.  He was a great writer, critic, and journalist. In the year of 1999, Kalki Krishnamurthy’s sketch was on a stamp of India. He has received the ‘Sahitya Academi ‘ Award for his ‘Alai Osai’ in 1956. Ramaswamy Aiyer is the birth name of Kalki & Kalki Krishnamurthy was his pen name. In the year 1899, on September 9 Kalki Krishnamurthy was born near manalmedu, India. He was passed away on the 55 years old. In Tamil literature, his ‘Solaimalai Ilavarasi’ novel got a huge response from the reader and it was viral too. This novel is completely based on the independence of India.


Sujatha is one of the famous novelists and he was an Indian author and best screenwriter in Tamil. He wrote more than 200 short stories, ten science-based books, a slim volume of poems, he authored over 100 novels. He is a regular contributor to interesting columns in Tamil magazines such as Kalki, Ananda Vikatan, and Kalki. He had a wide-ranging readership and worked for a long period as an editor of Kumudam magazine. Sujatha is an engineer and he directed the production and design of the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) during his ownership at Bharat Electronics Limited. A voting machine is currently used throughout India during the election period.

He also had written beautiful dialogues and screenplays for many Tamil films. He is an inspiration for many growing authors and inspired many authors including Madhan, Balakumaran. Sujatha was born on 3rd May 1935 and he died on 27th February 2008. His birth name is Rangarajan and is better known by his allonym Sujatha. To read Sujatha Novels check our complete novels list.


Ramanichandran – She is one of the best women novel writers in Tamil literature. Here novels books are the fasting moving ones in the market. She is specialized in writing Tamil romance novels. She was born in the year 1938 on 10th July. Ramanichandran has written 178 novels, most of the novels which are presented first in popular magazines like Ava Vikatan and Kumudam and were later taken out in book format by Arundhayam. Here I have listed some of her best novels are Mayangugiral Oru Madhu, ValaiOsai, Venmayil Ethanai Nirangal, Adivazhai. She has written only 100% soft romance novels, if you want to read Ramanichandran Novels check out our page.

Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani

Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani is a popular novel writer and she has had an amazing women fan following since the 1970s and early 1980s, she is an Indian Telugu language novelist. She has collected two Nandi Awards. Many of her stories were made into television serials and the film industries. She was born on 2 April 1940 and died in the year 2018 May 18. Check Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani Novels list.


Srikala has written many Romantic novels, and she has earned her fan followings. Interested readers who wish to read love-based romantic stories can pick Srikala novels collections.

Anuradha Ramanan

She is a famous Tamil novels writer, social activist, and artist. She was born on 29 June 1947 in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, and died in the year of 16 May 2010. She has started her career as an artist after many unsuccessful attempts to get a job with famous magazines. Anuradha Ramanan wrote nearly 1,230 short stories and 800 novels. Her writings are moreover based on family subjects and everyday happenings. Anandha Vikatan has provided a golden medal for her best short story of ‘Sirai’, some of her novels like Oru Malarin Payanam, Kootu Puzhukkal, and Oru Veedu Iruvasal were modified into films in different languages such as Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil. Oru Veedu Iru Vasal, directed by Balachander and the film has won National Film Award for Best Film. Her work was modified into Baarya Katha, Telugu Film that won the Five Nandi Awards. Anuradha Ramanan novels & stories have inspired too many serial directed and have been adapted into television serials.


Thirupurasundari was born on 21 March 1921 in thottiyam in Tamil Nadu. She was studied at Stanley Medical College and she started publications of her short stories in the famous magazines of Ananda Vikatan while studying at college. She used ‘Lakshmi’ as her penname. Her very first short story to be released was Thagunda Thandanaya? And her first novel to be issued was Bhavani. Once became a medical doctor, she practiced at Chennai and married kannabiran in the year 1955, and relocated to South Africa, where she lived for the next 22 years. Her husband died in 1956 after she returned to India and started full-time writing. Lakshmi has published more than hundreds of short stories and novels. She won Tamil Valarchi Kazhagam Price for her Penn Manam and Mathila Vilas novels. Her Oru Kaveriyai Pola novel has awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award. One of her best works was adapted into the Tamil films Iruvar Ullam(1963) & Kanchana (1952). She mainly focused her work fully based on family problems. For Lakshmi Novels collections check our page.

Mallika Manivannan

Mallika is a celebrated novel writer in recent days. She has earned her fan followings. She wrote many novels and short shorts which are based on family, love, and romance. If you are interested to read Mallika Manivannan novels take a look at our collections and read your favorite for free.

Sashi Murali 

Sashi Murali was introduced by her first novel of Uyirae Enadhuyirae. She wrote only 12 novels but her fan followings numbers are still unbelievable. She is one of the best novel writers in recent days. She is at work and expected her to release more beautiful novels in the future. Sashi Murali novels collections are available for free @Tamilnovelspdf.com. Start reading and enjoy her words of writing.


You are all well-known about Kanndasan, He is a Poet, Actor, Film song lyricist, Philosopher, Philanthropist, editor, producer, and one of the greatest and most celebrated lyricists in India. He contributed more than 5000 film lyrics apart from 6 thousand poems and 232 books. His Cheraman Kathali Novel has won Sahitya Akademi Award and he was the first to get the National Award for Best Lyrics, given in 1969 for the film Kuzhanthaikkaga. He was born on 24 June 1927 and died in the year 1981 on October 17.

I hope you know the short biography of your favorite novelist, if you want to read more Tamil Novels PDF collections keep crawl our website.

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